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Give your business the modern, state-of-the-art VoIP system it deserves without getting bogged down by complicated tech or worrying about the transition.

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An easier way to manage your business communications

Equip your team with a robust and efficient phone system. Enhance your operations through the endless possibilities of unified communications. VoKol delivers cutting-edge technology to your fingertips, ensuring a seamless and secure communication experience for your entire organization.


Empower your business with VoKol's easy-to-use platform, designed for straightforward and transparent management of your communication services. Our intuitive web interface makes advanced communication accessible to everyone.

Trusted Name

VoKol is a name synonymous with trust and reliability in the community. Our dedication to providing top-tier communication solutions has made us a preferred partner for mission critical operations. We pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering consistent, high-quality services tailor-made for any industry.

Customer Service

Exceptional customer support is our utmost priority. Our customers enjoy a 24/7 direct line of communication with expert, personable support representitives. We understand the importance of prompt and effective service, and are committed to providing support that is reliable and compassionate.

Revolutionizing Business Communication at Unbeatable Value

VoKol offers advanced communication solutions for every business with any use case, and we deliver it at unparalleled value.

Explore the VoKol value proposition:

  • No Contract Lock-in, No Hidden Fees

    When buying from a giant phone company, you need to keep an eye out for additional fees tacked onto the "base" service price. For example, it's a typical industry practice to charge for service installation, individual line activation, number porting, equipment rental, early termination fees, etc.

    The only fees VoKol will ever apply to your bill are state and federally mandated telecom taxes.

  • Single, Comprehensive Package

    We sell a single service package, with all features included. We'll never hide important features behind a "premium" paywall. What you see is what you get, forever.

  • Assistance and support

    Our product is designed to be intuitive to non-technical / untrained users. Because of this, we have very low support volume and can offer incredible business-class support for your staff and tenants at no additional cost.

  • Try us for free

    To see the difference VoKol can provide, give us a call and try us for free! We're happy to install a smaller scale demo system for up to 4 extensions, fully operational and free of charge/commitment! When you're ready to move forward, we'll turn it live for you immediately.

Features VoIP Giants VoKol
Full managed transition
Teleco bills audit
Dedicated VoIP SD-WAN
Customer Support Limited Support 24/7 Managed Support 🇺🇸
Disaster Recovery
HIPAA, SOC II Compliance "Enterprise" Pricepoint No additional charge
Automatic Emergency Forwarding
Simplified All-in-one plan
Reliable Fax Over IP
Proactive support
Custom In-House Developed Solutions

Our Specialized Services

Senior Living Lines

We provide a platform which empowers senior living facilities to take their phone service, and customer quality of life, to the next level.

Business Telephones

Enhance your business communication and operational efficiency with our advanced business phone systems, specifically tailored for the unique needs of your business.

E-fax Service

Go paperless with our eFax service, allowing for quick, secure digital transmission of important documents, streamlining your operation's document management.

POTS Replacement

A replacement for copper-line phone service. Purpose-built for safety-critical situations (elevator lines, fire alarms, door phones, etc). Our robust solution provides reliable communication channels during emergencies, crucial for swift response and resident safety.

Backup Internet

Maintain uninterrupted operations with our Backup Internet services. Designed to keep your facility connected during internet and power outages, our solution guarantees continuity in communication and essential online functions.

Virtual Phone Systems

Provide a branded caller experience while connecting callers to more "mobile" contacts. This solution was originally built for reaching after-hours nursing staff.

PA Systems

Bespoke public announcement system solutions for your business. Make your campus more communicative, safe, and engaging. Seamlessly integrate with any phone system.

IVR Branding & Music

With our telecom industry experience, access to professional voice actors, musicians, and Nashville recording studio; we can help you build the perfect customer experience.

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